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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 27.08.15

The moment I walked over to take a picture of the fruit baskets today, I was blessed with the incredibly mouth watering smell of some very, very sweet smelling plums. Granted, my allergies usually have me not owning the sense of smell any more - my nose seems to ALWAYS be sniffly and blocked) - the smell from these were so delicious that even I could smell them.

It beckoned me over and even though I had just emerged form my lunch, I was still mighty tempted by this fabulous basket.

900895 Truffly Fruit Birthday

This is the Truffly Fruit Birthday Basket. It's being sent by Carl for his mum in Scarborough. By the looks of the gift message, Carl seems to be away from home and is sending this for his mum's birthday. Carl had been looking around for ideas on what to send her and finally found this basket and thought it was perfect. He also promised that he will skype her after work tomorrow as well. I hope he would get to see his mum's happy face as she opens the package.

The scent of plums continued and like my cat being lead around by a bite of chicken, I followed by (partially) working sense of smell to find this beautiful creation.

1001802 Ultimate Fruit, Cheese & Nuts

It is called the Ultimate Fruit, Cheese & Nuts basket. And true to its name, it certainly is an ultimate fruit basket. Not only did it have fruit, it contained oatcakes, biscuits, cheese, a nutty spread, salmon, ham and also a bottle or two. It's to celebrate Jennifer's birthday in London tomorrow. It also contained an note of apology for it arriving tomorrow instead of Jennifer's actual birthday. The reason being that Monday is a holiday here in the UK and Jennifer is busy on Tuesday. Finally! Customers who understands our UK holidays and do not mind sending gifts a bit earlier because of them without us having to explain it to them! Thank you so much! We love you, Denise!

Okay, so there wasn't a lot of fruit baskets going today. I was agonising over what to take as a replacement for a fruit basket and there are nothing with flowers in them as well. I was originally planning to take a picture of a pamper basket and name it Fruit & Flowers Alternative (a la Friday Daily Dispatch posts) but then Roma gloriously strolled into the warehouse with a 5 Star Fruit Basket order.

7906612 5 Star Fruit

And the day was saved again, by the ever popular 5 Star Fruit! You are truly a five star basket! I would kiss the basket in thankfulness, but I'm fairly sure that is not considered hygenic, nor normal. It's actually a last minute order from an education centre in Co. Mayo, Ireland. And it's for their colleague who is currently not feeling well and is in hospital. We hope you feel better soon, Art!

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