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Rise & DESIGN For Laura

As you may know I've been enlisting the help of my fellow colleagues when it comes to blogging, in the hope they will be able to put a different spin on our stories & also shed light on other departments within BasketsGalore (as well as helping me meet my blogging targets!) So far many of them haven't really had time to write too many blogs & so I have simply been asking them some questions and typing it up for them.

Laura works in our Design Department and is always very busy so I didn't want to pester her too much. In this last month she told me the toughest challenge she had was designing a catalogue for a potential corporate customer, interested in ordering around 20 gift baskets a month. The client had asked for details of the gifts we offered in print format so as she could present it to her boss. As we are predominantly an online company we don't produce a printed catalogue during the year. We have a downloadable one available for Christmas, but we update our MANY gift basket and hamper combinations so often and generate so many online sales that a printed brochure isn't a viable option throughout the year.

As I mentioned we have A LOT of different gift baskets, across a wide range of sections and so a catalogue of every single gift would be HUGE in size. Instead if someone would like a hard copy we simply tailor it to their needs. For example, they may not want any alcohol or fresh meats in their gifts and so we can automatically leave out any containing these items.

This client was looking for apology gift basket at a certain price point, rather than ruling out specific food stuffs, and so we tailored the catalogue products towards this. Laura then had the job of presenting all these gift baskets in an attractive brochure branded for the company in question. It look quite a while to create the template and caused Laura a bit of stress, but now that it is there she only has to replace the title and product pages for future catalogue requests.

She is hoping the IT department will add a catalogue module into the new website design which will allow a brochure to be produced more quickly by pulling the product information and image directly from the website. This would be very handy for Christmas time when the brochure doesn't need to be branded per company. It also means if there is a change to a product listing the catalogue is also automatically updated when the website is.

As well as working on this Laura is also busy sourcing, creating, styling and re-sizing images for our new website, due to launch in mid-July. The new website is fully responsive so it means even more images for Laura & Luke to gather, then the correct one is displayed depending on what device the website is being viewed i.e PC, Tablet or Mobile. Clever eh!


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