DHL Inpost Lockers – How it works

Becoming more and more popular, we thought we would help explain DHL’s newest service, Inpost Lockers. We have had a few recipients use these now and this service is basically all about convenience! DHL have teamed up with Inpost Locker to set up parcel lockers in various local convenient stores for recipients to collect whenever suits.

However, still in it’s infancy there are of course some teething problems, as some of our recipients have experienced first hand. During a regular delivery with DHL, recipients will receive a text stating they have a delivery, and they have the option to collect. So let’s say you have selected to pick up, your nearest collection point was mentioned in the text, DHL will then send you another text with your pass code for your locker and your local DHL courier will leave this for you to collect.

An example of a standard DHL SMS

The same routine can be done if you were to miss a delivery, you are able to reschedule using your calling card and DHL will again text you the pass code. This is left for you to collect when suits you, so what would be the problem?

Last week we had a recipient who responded to their text from DHL, arranging to collect at her local garage. That was no problem and DHL had sent her a text with her pass code, the only problem was once she was there the pass code did not work. Eek! After a few phone calls this was resolved but it is definitely not suitable if you are in a hurry.

Another awkward situation for one of our recipients was when they scheduled to collect from a DHL Inpost locker, and his Gift Basket was actually too big to fit in! This resulted in the recipient having to travel to DHL’s local depot, which unfortunately can be situated a little further away.

On the brighter side, if you are able to collect from DHLs Inpost lockers, you are able to collect a lot closer to home and being at convenient stores mean there are longer hours available for collection. We are still experiencing mixed reviews from this but I feel like DHL will continue to improve this service and Inpost lockers will be dominating the UK and Ireland!

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  1. Hello, I was out on 1st and 2nd delivery attempt so followed instructions on the card and arranged to collect at Morrisons, Stavely, Chestefield.. This was done on Thursday 30 June. How long will it be before I get my phone message to tell me the parcel can be collected.

    Thank you.

  2. I have a shipment coming from the UK, and I live in the USA. DHL has given me the option to collect my parcel at a service point or locker when it is ready. Do you know if DHL charges any fees if I choose this option?

    1. Hi there Lana. Here in the UK there is no additional cost when arranging to collect your Gift Basket. However, I am not sure if there is a charge in the US, I hope this helps. Kind Regards, Team BG.

  3. I have ordered something coming to a service locker with dhl and it says it has been delivered their, but when should I receive a text with the code??

    1. Hi Lucy, DHL normally action things within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends). However, if you had arranged for your item to be delivered to a Locker, and it is now awaiting collection, you should have received a SMS with your Locker Code immediately. If you have not, you can call DHL on 0844 248 0844 and quote your Waybill (Tracking Code) and they should be able to resend your code / assist. If this is an order from ourselves, we can help contact them for you? Just email us at if it is from us & we’re happy to help. Thanks 🙂

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