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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 30.07.15

How many of you love massages? How many of you love foot massages then? I think the second questions really does split down the middle for people. There are people who hates their feet being touched and there are some that don't mind it in the slightest. I, myself, fall into the latter. In fact, I love massages and admittedly, am in rather dire need of one, preferably soon, as I can feel the knots in my shoulders and back getting worse by the week.

If you love massages, then some of our pamper items are perfect for you. Like the reflexology socks which could be found in our Pamper Her basket.

725475 Pamper HerThe socks always seems to be a surprising hit and we are always trying to find a place which continuously stocks them as they are a rather rare find. This particular Pamper Her basket is going to Fiona in Stirling. All the girls in Dunblane sends this gift with their thoughts for her and cheekily included a smiley face in their gift message suggesting that somebody Fiona knows might turn out to be a great reflexologist! Wish you luck on that! Good reflexologists are hard to come by.

The next basket I want to feature in today's post is this colourful creation here:

1200878 Special Delivery Baby GirlLook at how cute it is! This Special Delivery Baby Girl basket was ordered by a customer in the United States and it's recipient is a new mum in Slough. True to its name, this basket is truly special. It is bursting with gifts for the new member of the family; from baby toys, booties, baby clothes to baby shampoo, pram blankets and even chocolates for the mummy! If you want it extra special, there is also even an option to add champagne to this basket as well! What a way to celebrate the birth of another little princess.

Speaking of adding extra things to baskets, here is one I caught on the workbench with an extra balloon add to theme it for the occasion.

725331 East Virginia with BalloonIt's the East Virginia gift basket and on my, cherry on a pie, doesn't this look a treat? How would you imagine devouring a basket like this? I would like it sitting on my coffee table, within easy reach, with large teapot of lovely tea and watching a marathon of TV shows as I eat my way through the basket's contents. I hope Ciara in London shares my view on this matter, because she would be getting this beauty tomorrow via express courier services.

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