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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 09.07.15

You would think that after last week's lateness in heading out for photos, I would had learnt my lesson and go out in a timely manner today. In my greatest defence, I was actually not late going out. In fact, I was spot on time but Katarzya still managed to wrap up the baby baskets in today's dispatches before I could take the pictures of them. I tried nonetheless, but you honestly can't see the contents very well because the light reflects of the cellophane and makes white patches on the photo. So no baby baskets photos today - sorry!

That being said, we still have some lovely gift baskets leaving us today. Check out this Me Time gift basket!

725167 Me TimeThis gift is actually being sent for an interesting occasion. According to the gift message, the recipient seems to be going through a slimming program/diet and this basket is sent by her son in the far east, who wishes her every success in it.  In the son's words, he expects her to resemble a 'small fridge' by the time he sees her in August. Good luck in achieving your slimming goal!

The next basket I spotted on the bench, I had actually mistook it as our Neue Brunswick. Which was rather silly because Neue Brunswick is WAY bigger. This is actually a the Welcome Gift Basket.

Corp Welcome Gift Basket

It does rather remind me of a mini version of a Neue Brunswick though. The story behind the creation of this basket is actually a bit different from out usual creation stories. It's actually a basket we had create especially for one of our corporate clients. This particular basket gets renewed every year or so and the company orders it to welcome new employees to their branches/teams. The newest revision of  the basket looked so good that the stock team just decided - let's put it online and see if other people would like it as well. And so on it went! What do you think of the basket? Would you like to get one if you were a new employee? Imagine receiving one at your desk! You would be the talk of the week!

The last feature gift basket of today's daily dispatch is a Pamper Her basket.

725168 Pamper her

I actually didn't realise this basket comes with a small teddy and must say that it definitely makes the basket! This one is being sent as a get well gift from a lady in Benfleet and to a hospital in Cottingham. Notice the reflexology foot massage socks. There was a item when we were having a bit of difficulty stocking the items, which was a shame as the customers seem to really like the idea of these socks in our baskets. Thankfully, we don't have this stock problems now and they seem set on staying part of our range.

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