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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 02.07.15

I cannot believe it's July already! It felt like the months flew by!

That being said, it certainly feels like July! The office is like a sauna in comparison to the warehouse where the open space keeps it nice and cool. Of course, as typical British weather, the moment we start shedding layers of clothing (off goes the cardigan!), the sky turns grey and either gets all muggy or threaten to drizzle on you. In here, it's cardigan on, cardigan off, cardigan on again, cardigan-would-you-please-make-up-your-mind-weather?

These type of fast changing weather always reminds me of my sister's birthdays when we were young. Being a summer child, her birthday parties usually give the grown ups a perfect excuse to get the barbeque out and start having food outside in the garden, maybe a bit of salad, wine and good company as well. I'm not sure if the following two baskets would be going to such a birthday party, but they are certain to be an attractive addition to the recipient's birthday presents!

Birthday Party MULTIPLEThese two aptly named Birthday Party Gift Baskets are heading to Nikki in Swansea, and Sherralyn (what a lovely name!) in London. The basket is not as popular as our Birthday Favourites Gift Basket; I think it's because it rather suits a younger recipient more whilst the Favourites gift basket is suitable for all ages. Nonetheless, it is still filled with birthday snacks suitable for any party table!

Next, we have a rather curious basket.

Baked Sensation

This is the Baked Sensation basket. No, the basket itself is not curious (unless you mean curiously yummilicious, in which case, yes it is). But rather the occasion that it is being sent for. Lisa in Avalon, Australia is sending this to Natalie in Folkestone. But the gift message sounds rather vague. Is it a thank you gift? Welcome home gift? Thinking of You gift? Sorry you had to leave gift? Not very sure! I think it's the easiest to say that it is definitely a 'Here's a treat for you' gift though. Regardless, this basket is set to suit any and all occasions!

Last one I want to feature today is actually a customer creation.

802968 CYOThis is a basket ordered by the thoughtful Dawn in Canada and it is to be delivered to a lady in Epping. The basket caught my eye as it is not everyday that you see a baskets that is made of pamper items such as candles, bath tea bags and foam bath lotion and also contained deli products such as pate, cheese and salami. What a fascinating mixture! You can tell the customer picked the items completely with the recipient in mind. The message was sweet and encouraging too. By the sounds of the message, the recipient is going through a bit of a tough time right now but Dawn is thinking of her and is there to be by the recipient's side throughout it all. We're not sure what you might be going through, lady in Epping. But we wish you the best of luck, every success and hope things get better for you from now on. Good luck!

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