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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 30.07.15

Today marks the return of Sylwia to the warehouse team. She had been off on maternity leave for a while and now she is back and ready to start work again. And boy, did I notice the difference. Our warehouse team works very fast. They have to, in order to keep up with orders. But with a basket packing and decorating veteran like Sylwia back in the ranks, it's like things went from super speed, to super, super speed! It wasn't even eleven in the morning and the team almost had all the baskets assembled and ready to be wrapped - amazing!

In my time as a daily dispatcher, I had never been able to take photos of fruit baskets at ten something in the morning. Today, I did and I came back into the office feeling all organised and ready to go. Except, even though I got the pictures early on, I still got distract by other work and didn't start writing these blog posts till after lunch. Oh tis how life is, isn't it?

Anyways, march on! Let me introduce this first fruit basket of the day:

725498 Baked GoodnessIt's the Baked Goodness and it's going to Bolton! I checked the gift message to nosy at what the occasion might be for this gift and it turns out there wasn't an occasion at all! In fact, it read 'There doesn't have to be a reason to send my favourite Aunt a gift'. Awwwwwww, how sweet! Psst, don't let my aunt learn about this, or she would be eyeing all us nieces and nephews of hers with expectant eyes.

Next, a get well fruit basket which we are all very familiar with. What's it's name? Can you guess by the picture?

725508 Revitaliser for HimIf you did and you guess Revitaliser for Him, then you are correct! This one is l;eaving us today with 'Hope this would keep you busy' wishes to Gareth in London who is unwell. We hope you enjoy the tingli head massager in the gift. We admit it's a bit of an odd sensation to use but once you're used to it, it's actually very relaxing - like somebody massaging your scalp softly with the very, very tips of their fingertips.

The last fruit basket I want to feature is this wonderful cheesy order here:

900889 Cheesy Overload Birthday DuoCheese, fruit, chocolates, balloon and biscuits, this is what makes the Cheesy Overload basket so attractive. It's like a combination of luscious flavours and this variant of the range also comes with two bottles of wine to enjoy it with too! We hope this goes on to be a perfect birthday gift for Julia in York. Your friend from Florida especially ordered this for you!

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