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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 23.07.15

Hooray Thursday! Hooray blog writing!

My usual daily work involves a lot of spreadsheets, numbers, spreadsheets, receipt sorting, archiving and even more spreadsheets. So being able to go out into the warehouse, stare at all the food, take pictures and then come back into the office to exercise the creative writing side of the brain is a refreshing change up. Not that I find my usual work boring - oh no, ask anybody in the office and they will all tell you how much I adore working with spreadsheets and I'm sure they must notice by now that I practically try to turn everythign that lands into my hands into a spreadsheet project.

Speaking of boredom. Let's kick start today's blog with a Boredom Buster Get Well Basket.

725378 Boredom Buster

This baskets is going to Liesl in Salisbury. I'm sure you have all seen this basket featured in our blog more than a few times. It's one of our bestsellers and I think it's because it's such a great combination of fruit and easy entertainment in the form of puzzles and reading material. Did you know that you have the choice to theme it with a Get Well Balloon? You can also choose the magazine type and also whether it is going to a male or female recipient. I think it is by far our most customisable online basket in that aspect.

Then, right beside this basket I saw two baskets which are something you don't see together often.

GW Fruit Basket VS Fruit SurvivalDo they look similar? Yes! They do. But they're not the same basket! One is the Get Well Fruit Survival for Him basket, and the other is a Get Well Fruit Basket for Him. Even the name sounds similar! But if you look carefully, the Fruit Survival is a bigger than the Get Well Fruit Basket.  Survival has more snacks and nibbles, alongside a bottle of juice and the puzzles are different too. Despite being different though, I can vouch that both make equally gorgeous gifts! In fact, I'm rather hungry just think about them - perhaps writing a blog just before lunch was not that good an idea.

The last fruit and flower basket I want to feature, I had it hot off the assembly process. Pawel hadn't even put it down for two seconds before I swooped in and was greedily taking all the pictures of it.

725249 Flowers to Say Thank YouThis is the Flowers to Say - Thank You basket. It was ordered by Amie in Canada and would be delivered to Debbie in Buckingham, UK. Amie would like to thank Debbie and her family for welcoming them into their home and by the looks of the message, this basket is going to be arriving on the same day Amie is going to be arriving to stay with Debbie. What a thoughtful idea! Sending a gift ahead of your stay, instead of at the end of it. It is certainly different, no?

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