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Luxury Hand Creams For Great Smelling BasketsGalore Gifts

When new  samples of Luxury Hand Creams came into the warehouse we decided to have a Smellathon to find out which smells appealed to most people.  We can't stock all the combinations of products which we are sent as we only have a limited amount of space so we tend to stick to favourites and popular choices by all getting involved in the "testing" process.

Our first choices are from the Aromas Artesanales De Antigua range which came in the following scents: Lavender, Rose Petal. Lily Of The Valley, Lilac Blossom and White Jasmine.

Aromas Artesanales De Antigua

Lavender- This has quite a potent smell which some found quite overpowering and others found quite penetrating.

Rose- This seemed to please quite well in the short-term but lingered a little and was thought to be more suited to an older person.

Lily Of The Valley- This proved to be the favourite of three people and second for others.  The scent is quite subtle and pleasurable.

White Jasmine -  Another favourite of two and liked by everyone.  This scent was considered quite delicate.

Lilac Blossom - This scent was considered to be refined and pleasant.

The conclusion appears to be that Lily of the Valley was the favourite closely followed by White Jasmine. Did I mention that Lily of the Valley is my birth month flower for May!

Our second set of fragrances are by Naturally European and are Ginger & Lime, Milk and Neroli & Tangerine.

Ginger & Lime - This was fresh, the most popular of the three and unusually fruity.

Milk - This had a creamy neutral smell but reminded someone of their fake tan.

Neroli & Tangerine was a joint favourite of two and tangy but pleasant.  Kate thought it nicer than Pomela leaves that you have to bathe in for purifying purposes on Chinese New Year.

Naturally European Handcreams

We also had two male fragrances to test from the Aromas Artesanales de Antigue range and these were Black Pepper & Ginger and Spearmint & Rosemary. Everyone agreed on the Spearmint being that little bit nicer than the Black Pepper, but then it was mainly girls testing it!

Would you like to see these hand creams in our gift baskets? Check back soon to see if we go on to stock them and let us know your favourite scent if you've tried them yourself.

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