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Keeping Fit While At Work

Inspired by Laura taking up kickboxing recently & holiday season fast approaching, we got to thinking about keeping fit. Lynne & I had been enjoying our Les Mills classes until our favourite gym closed down and we couldn't find a replacement that was as nice. We joked we need to hold Bodypump classes out in the warehouse at lunch time! Trying to fit exercise in when you are also working full time and looking after kids can be difficult. After work you want to spend time with your babies before bed and what if you are a single parent, you'd never get a chance!

Lynne was helping out in the warehouse last week as we had so many Father's Day Gift Baskets being dispatched they needed a hand wrapping them all.  She said it was exhausting as you are rushing around, packing, lifting, wrapping and boxing. Kasia says she doesn't need to go to the gym after a day at work as she is also up and down the stairs getting stock for our baby and pamper gift baskets. She goes home and puts her feet up!

Selina & I have also just been on the fruit run to our local shops as we needed to top up our delivery of fruit. Buying 40 packets of apples, oranges, grapes, nectarines, pineapples and melons really starts to make the trolley heavy, never mind loading the van up & so it's safe to say I've worked my muscles quite well this morning.

fruit trolley

But what about us in the office who spend a lot of time sitting at our PC's? Well I asked around to see if the girls and guys had any tips for fitting exercise in during the day and had a good laugh at some of the answers. We'll never look at each other the same way again!

Kate informed us that she tends to squat while waiting for her food to heat up in the microwave! Lynne has started lunging to the kettle or printer too.  Our toilets are located down a long corridor so a lot of people admitted to running to & from the loo. This is particularly important during December when they turn the lights out at 5.30 pm, yet we are here working late. That corridor can be a scary place so we have a torch handy until you feel your way to the light switch.

After having my son Rowan I read about how you are meant to try and fit in your pelvic floor exercises wherever and whenever you can, so this is easily achieved while sitting at your desk. If you don't need pelvic floor exercises then butt squeezes instead! Another way Rowan keeps me fit is running around after him, he has so much energy! He loves being outdoors and also soft play areas so my exercise is trying to keep up with him.

We blogged lately about Lynne getting her daughter a trampoline for her birthday and she plays on it too and says it's a great form of exercise. When she takes her older daughter to swimming lessons she takes her stuff too and fits a cheeky swim in.

We hope this has given you some ideas as to how you can fit a bit of exercise into your daily routine. Or if you have any top tips then please get in touch to share these with us.

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