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Favourite Gift Ideas For Dads

The staff here at BasketsGalore were put on the spot today when I asked them what they were getting their dads for Father's Day and the result were, at least, all totally different.

Kate was getting her dad a new wallet and was treating him to dinner.

Roma's dad in Lithuania received a phone call, but that was last week as they celebrate Father's Day on the 1st Sunday in June.

Rowan was getting his dad tickets to see a comedian. (Clever boy as he's only 20 months old)

Andrea and Andy had got his dad vouchers for his favourite hotel and a bottle of wine.

Laura has got her dad cigarettes and a golf magazine.

Simon's dad is getting a T-Shirt.

Jonny is getting his dad a car cleaning set.

Annabel is getting her dad a music CD and drawing him a Father's Day Card!

Lynne remembers buying her dad Raspberry Ruffle bars and Zero bars.  Does anyone else remember those?

I will go and see my dad, who is 90 but pertains to be only 89 and take him his favourite wee bottles of Guinness (for medicinal purposes only of course!) and bake him some currant squares.

I'm just thinking we better hope none of the dads read this blog or they may have their surprise spoiled!

For those of you who are still stuck for ideas for Father's Day, why not visit our Fathers Day range of manly gift baskets and have a browse. We would of course send them ourselves, but unfortunately we can't get away with giving our own gift baskets EVERY year!

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