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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 18.06.15

Okay, remember how in previous posts, I may have talked about how Thursday don't have quite as many orders for me to take pictures of as Mondays? Remember how I maaaaaay have whined a bit about how I am hard pressed about trying to find baskets which are different from one another to photograph? Well, from now on, if I ever mention the words 'not enough' when it is applied to quantity or variety of orders, be very sure to slap me in the wrist (lightly please!) and point me in the direction of today's dispatch post.

Why? Because today, there were so many orders that I think my jaw dropped when I first entered the packaging worktop area of the warehouse. And it wasn't just numbers either, there were MANY different hampers and baskets being ordered. As it was, the warehouse team was pushing basket onto the worktops as fast as they can whilst trying to find a space to put them amongst the jigsaw of different basket sizes already there.

The first set of hampers I chose to photograph were a pair of Yesteryear Tastes.

Yesteryear Tastes Yesteryear Tastes

I was rather proud of the way I laid these two out actually; thought it was rather attractive and dare I say, artistic? It reminded me of a lovely window display. Anyways, As you can see, one Yesteryear Taste hamper was ordered to include an Birthday balloon. This one is going to Sean in Londonderry, Northern Ireland to celebrate a milestone birthday - his 50th! Congrats!

The other Yesteryear Tastes would be head over to Cork as a Father's Day gift sent by a daughter, Antoinette (I love that name!) in Galway.

Next up, we have two Great Taste Award Bronzes.

Great Taste Award Bronze Great Taste Award Bronze

We are all familiar with this hamper by now, yes? It is one of our most popular ones and because of its popularity, we decided to keep it still in our sale range for a while longer. Rather than going straight to the recipient, one of these would be delivered to the person who ordered it in Wishaw as they wanted to hand deliver it to their dad on Father's Day. We hope you hide it well until the day!

The other Bronze would actually be our for delivery to Wales. It was ordered by a loving mum and dad in Australia and to be sent to their children for being "Two fantastic people".

The last picture I took coincidentally resemble one of Roma's very much. I didn't realise it until I got back in and was checking up on the previous posts. It's a collection of Cheesy Sunshines.

Cheesy Sunshine Collection Cheesy Sunshine Collection

Now, I had half a mind of heading straight back out to the warehouse and take pictures of a different set of hampers but honestly, how often would you ever get such a great chance of seeing so many Cheesy Sunshines together and posed to perfection? For something like this, you would usually have to hunt through all the orders, pick them out from various parts of the worktop and various times of the day then finally find a space large enough to pose them altogether. Not as easy as it looks! I also like how the layout between the contents are different between mine and Roma's picture. It goes to show that depending on who out of our warehouse team assembles it, it would turn out a little different but still fabulous looking nonetheless.

They do look wonderfully photogenic, no? Actually, by now, I realised that all our baskets look photogenic, but trust me, the real thing is a lot better than the picture. Why? Because yum yum, you get to eat it! Doesn't that make you want a basket right now? Go order one! Go! Go!

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