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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 29.06.15

Baskets, baskets everywhere but which am I to choose? It was so difficult today due to the sheer choice that I decided to go with ones you won't have seen before - 'Create Your Own' Gift Baskets i.e gifts designed by you!

First up was my absolute favourite of the day, as I love everything in this personally designed gift basket from the cuddly cozy rabbit to the chocolates & popcorn, candle & face mask and Closer magazine (which was a special request we were happy to accommodate). It also had the cute Rufus Rabbit magnet with the funny slogan "Did you know... Chocolate contains absolutely no calories if eaten before 10am and then washed down with a chilled glass of champagne. What are we waiting for!"

This basket was designed by Lynsey in Glasgow for her sister in Hamilton as a 'feel better soon' gift & I reckon it will definitely bring a smile to her face.


Next up is another Create Your Own gift basket, this time for a mum in Alnwick with an injured hand. Her daughter in Hove wanted to send her some tasty & easy to eat snacks so we think the cheese, crackers, crisps, fruity bars and chocolates will definitely hit the spot. She can wash it all down with the delicious organic lemonade and then have someone massage her feet, while she puts them up and recuperates.

Create Your Own Gift Basket



Our 3rd Create Your Own of the day (& this blog) is more of a mystery as the lady who designed and purchased it is getting delivery to herself. When customers get deliveries to themselves they tend not to include a gift card message, as they will add this themselves, although we still always email to check if they would like to add one. We think this is perhaps a get well gift for a colleague as it is going to a work address and contained nice pamper items such as a candle, back scratcher and satin eye mask. We included some complimentary items (organic lemonade and drinking chocolate) to even the contents out in the medium sized basket selected.

Create Your Own Gift Basket


My 4th choice for today is not a Customer Creation basket, but a stunning champagne and chocolate gift ordered by a gentleman in Turkey for a friend/girlfriend studying in London for her birthday. This Champagne Dolce Vita basket is also on special offer at the moment and so is a real bargain. I know I'd be very pleased to receive it (hint hint!)

Champagne Dolce Vita

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