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A Day in the Life of a BasketsGalore Customer Service Advisor (24.06.15)


How I Helped a Customer Today

We check every single delivery address here at the office, as we want our gifts to be delivered with no hassle and on time. Often our customers from overseas get confused with postcodes. The delivery agents rely completely on the postcode. If it is incorrect delivery could fail or be delayed. So while checking delivery addresses this morning, I had to email a couple of our customers due to incorrect postcodes just to check if the one I have is correct. Both customers replied, relieved and thankful that I have contacted them and corrected the address in time before dispatch.

Something Nice/Rewarding That Happened Today 

Today has been a lovely day. We just received a call from a nice lady called Mary from the Orkney Island's in Scotland. She was looking to order a gift basket. She said, her daughter sent a Mother’s Day gift basket from us and she was absolutely delighted with it. Quoting her exact words she said “ I have to say, I do receive baskets and hampers from other companies quite often but the basket from you guys was best of all. Presentation was brilliant and the items in the basket fresh, unique and tasty. Thank you all

It was so nice to hear this and spread her words around the office and warehouse.

Something Difficult/ Frustrating That Happened Today

We received a call this morning that a gift basket had been delivered to a hospital, but hadn’t made it’s way to the recipient yet. Deliveries to hospitals could be very tricky as we can not track the movement of baskets once they are delivered. Many deliveries to hospitals are made to a central delivery point such as the main reception, the post room (central delivery point). Regrettably, it is very hard for us to influence or control the movement or rate of movement of a gift basket within a hospital nor to determine or guarantee how quickly they will be received by the recipient. But we always try to help as much as we can. The little girl was due to be discharged from hospital this afternoon, luckily after numerous calls all around the hospital we manage to get this passed on to the recipient on time.

Something Funny That Happened Today 

One person live chatted with me this morning wanting a special gift basket to be made up for his girlfriend. He was asking if we can do a basket containing strawberries and cream only. That’s a very nice idea, I would love to receive one like this myself. Unfortunately we had to tell him no at this occasion, as we had previously ruled out strawberries & raspberries as they are quite soft and so tend to become a bit squashed in transit. We don’t want to risk your special recipient receiving anything less than perfect fruit.

Today’s Best Reason For Sending a Gift Basket 

Here is a message for a new born baby. I find this message very cute and funny at the same time. I am sure baby Harrison will use his Uncles advise in the future :)

"Harrison, welcome to the world! Congrats, you made it! You’re lucky, I’ve known your parents years & trust me, they are the most brilliant, brilliant people. So I’m delighted you came along! Finally, some advice for you. If you order hampers online & type a gift message there is a character restri”

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