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New Website Design Coming Soon

Every couple of years we like to give the BasketsGalore website a bit of a refresh. Throughout the year we are always making small changes and improvements, but anything major requires careful planning and consideration and so cannot be undertaken lightly.

We have scheduled work on the redesign to begin in mid-June, and the design team are already working hard to get the photography sorted before any coding starts. We have just picked the new theme after Luke created several mock-ups using the 4-5 layouts we had narrowed it down to. When you first start looking at themes there are live examples online, but they are for different products/websites and so it can be difficult to picture how it would look for your own website. The mock-up really helps you to visualise how a theme could work for your own products. The new site is going to be responsive and so this requires each image to be stored in at least 3 different resolutions or so I believe, so as the relevant image is displayed depending on which device you view the website on. I'm not exactly technically gifted however, so for the next update I will ask someone in the Design & IT department to fill you in more accurately!

In terms of our customers you will not notice any changes for a while, as everything is tested and carried out behind the scenes before "going live". There shouldn't even be much down time during the switch over at the end of August/September, but we will of course keep you notified.

As well as the look of the website we will be introducing several new features to make your shopping experience even better, such as a more streamlined checkout.

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