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BasketsGalore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 28.05.15

Lots of baby baskets leaving our warehouse today! So the counter-top was packed with adorable looking baby basket combinations. I've covered a few of them before in my past posts so it took me a number of pushing and shoving to find a basket that I could talk about without sounding like I was lazy and talking about the same basket again.

We have a Little Monkey Baby Girl basket which was ordered by Mary in Dublin and is heading of to celebrate the birth of a new baby girl in Clonmel.

On a whim, I decided to rock picture taking up a bit and thought a pee-a-boo pose by the monkey would be immensely cute. I must have looked mighty odd trying to take the peek-a-boo picture as I was practically on my knees, there was my pen behind my right ear, my basket list tucked under one arm, a shortened balloon stick behind my left ear as well, rolls of ribbon balancing on my knee and I up close on the basket, and fidgeting with the monkey's hands so that they showed over the edge perfectly. Truly a sight! In hindsight, I could have probably set the vast majority of the stuff down but I was in the moment and it hadn't dawned to me. Thankfully, the warehouse staff was away on lunch and I was the only one left at the worktop area so I could pose as silly as I want, I guess?

Next up, not quite a baby basket so much as a soon-to-be new mummy basket.

Pregnancy Survival Gift Basket Pregnancy Survival Gift Basket

The Pregnancy Survival Gift Basket contains all you need to send an expectant mother. From tea and choccies to indulge in, to a reading novel to keep them occupied and then some skincare items for some well needed TLC. The Natalia Preganacy Relaxation box in the basket also comes with a step by step massage guide booklet as well! Talk about thoughtful!

Moving away from new babies, lets head in the direction of older children. As in old enough to their own children kind of old. Sam and Jack are sending their Nanna in Exeter a Mum/Grandma Birthday Basket.

Mum/Grandma Birthday Basket Mum/Grandma Birthday Basket

This basket comes with a mum, nanna  or grandma mug which is also packaged with a matching charm, making it truly stand out amongst all the mugs in our range.

Best Nana MugYou can find the mug (and attached charm) in our Create Your Own Gift Basket section as well. Be sure to choose it if you want to include a mug that little bit more special.

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