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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flowers 14.05.15

Last time I wrote about the daily dispatches for Fruit and Flower baskets, I had mentioned how difficult it was to choose amongst the baskets without them looking a tad bit similar to one another  due to my poor photography skills. Today, as if to prove me wrong, there were lots of fruit and flower gift baskets! I was actually spoilt for choice!

Of course, a post from Kate would not be a post from Kate without a mention of mangoes thrown in the writing somewhere. And of course, the moment I was in the warehouse, I made a straight beeline towards the first basket I see which contained a mango. In my defence, the basket also had a pineapple and kiwis, both of which I also adore but are also mildly allergic to (same with mango) so it wasn't JUST the mango attracting me but the basket as a whole making come hither eyes at me from afar.

There is chocolate in it too! Oh gosh, the lady getting this in Dublin is going to be in for a great treat.

Then we have two gift baskets with flowers. The first one if a Flowers & Treats Gift Basket heading up to Fife and ordered by Louise in Aberdeen.

The Flowers & Treats basket was originally designed and intended for last year's Mother's Day, but it was so popular that we tweaked out the Mother's Day themed items and turned it into a year-round basket suitable for women of all ages and all occasions.  It continues to be one of our most ordered basket for birthday mummies.

The second fruit and flower basket is a Floral and Fruit Birthday Basket. It's being sent from a relation in Malaysia and would be going to a gentleman in Sheffield, set to help brighten up his 80th birthday.

It comes with a very sweet message as well. I makes me quite wish to see this message available as text pre-printed already in birthday cards.

The gifts you received today does not compare to the gifts you have given to others every day.
May your 80th birthday celebrations be special, filled with precious moments, bright emotions, full of love, happiness and joy.

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