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Anyone Else Craving Some Vitamin D?

A few weeks ago we were teased with a period of warm, sunny weather and dared to think that perhaps we were in for a pleasant summer. The next thing we knew we were experiencing hailstones & having to unpack our winter wardrobes!

I am lucky enough to be going away on holiday to Portugal at the start of June & so hopefully this will give me a bit of a health boost, but what if you aren't going away to sunnier climes? Are there other ways to increase your intake of Vitamin D? Vitamin D is important for healthy bones and research also shows it can help to fight off colds and against depression. ( I could definitely do with protection against colds, after having one on and off since Christmas time!

holiday hammock

Although sunlight is one of the best ways to get your body producing Vitamin D there isn't a recommended amount of exposure due to the risk of skin cancer. I can't stay out in the sun for long anyway due to being "blessed" with pale skin. Laura & I have already been discussing the best fake tans, as she too is off to Portugal later this summer and is a fellow fair skinned lady.

Other methods of increasing your Vitamin D intake involve foods such as oily fish, mushrooms, fortified milk, fortified cereal, fortified orange juice, egg yolks, beef liver, cod liver oil & Vitamin D supplements. I may have to purchase some of our organic smoked salmon to keep me going in the meantime!

The NHS states that the majority of people will be getting enough Vitamin D by eating a balanced diet and getting some summer sun, so what better excuse is there to book that holiday?

During the summer months we see a sudden increase in 'Thank You' gift baskets with messages such as "thanks for letting us stay" or "thanks for lending us your apartment in Spain" or "thanks for pet-sitting" and so this is definitely holiday season! Fresh fruit baskets are always a big hit as summer thank you gifts, perhaps as it reminds you of sunnier times!


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