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A Week In The Life Of A BasketsGalore Customer Service Advisor

A typical week in my job at BasketsGalore is a busy, but enjoyable one as we check & prepare all the delivery paperwork for your orders, answer the phone/live chats, reply to emails, assist customers with placing orders & follow up to make sure all deliveries go to plan.

We thought you might enjoy finding out a bit more about what a typical day is like for us & how we are always here to help you.

How I Helped A Customer

Our customers love the fact that they can Create Your Own Gift Basket, so I feel sometimes they get too excited and forget to check all the items in their basket. Today, a customer had accidentally doubled all the items in her Gift Basket. Luckily I emailed to double check this and she was more than thankful for this, only one of each item was needed.  We were able to provide her with a refund for the extra money she hadn't meant to spend.

Something Nice/Rewarding That Happened

We take pride in being able to cater to those abroad, and a good portion of our customers reside in Australia. Today I assisted with our customer Rachel from Perth. She had given the wrong house number for her grandmother Doris, in Surrey. We saw that delivery had already been made but fortunately we were able to get in touch with the resident of the address. We were then able to orgainse for the neighbour to deliver this to Doris just in time for her special day.

Something Difficult/Frustrating That Happened

Today we received a call from our customer who had a Baby Gift sent to her new niece in Norway. We need to include an invoice for customs and this was included with an envelope and our Baby Girl Gift Card. Unfortunately customs took this off and the card and message was not included when delivered. Our customer was of course disappointed, but we rectified this situation with sending out a replacement Baby Girl Card.

Something Funny That Happened

As we keep a daily record of deliveries here at Baskets Galore, I am always calling DHL to reschedule deliveries or for assistance with a delivery. It is always the same routine, apart from today. While rescheduling a delivery, my DHL Adviser started to trip over his words, suddenly he burst into laughter, until he then politely apologised as his teeth had just fallen out! Certainly not a regular occurreance at DHL, but certainly entertaining. Our Gift Basket was also delivered the very next day to a more than happy recipient.

Best Reason For Sending A Gift Basket

One of our tasty Great Taste Award Silver Gift Baskets was being sent as a compromise birthday present. This was because our sender joked that he ‘couldn't find vouchers for mental people so I got you this instead’. Still a happy customer, vouchers or no voucher.

Most Excited Purchaser/Recipient Of A Gift Basket

We run competitions and have giveaways all the time at Baskets Galore – our way of thanking of lovely customers for shopping with us. For our Easter Competition this year we had a very enthused reply from our winner, Evelyn from Ireland. She informed us that she was ‘absolutely over the moon’ and she was ecstatically ‘Punching the air, Woo Hoo!’

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