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Top 5 (Reduced) Reasons To Add Chocolate To Your Gift Basket

Chocolate tends to go down well at any time and for any occasion, or at least it does in my house.

And what makes chocolate even better? Getting it at a bargain price! Here at BasketsGalore we have a number of amazing chocolately treats featuring in our Spring Sale on our "Create Your Own" gift basket site. We've brought you a selection of our favourites below:

1) Exquisite Chocolate Pouring Sauce

The names says it all, simply exquisite. A delicious dessert sauce: "pour over your favourite desserts such as ice cream, strawberries, meringues, cheesecake or serve warm over marshmallows! It also beneifts from being gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

2) Chocolate Truffles

You can choose from a variety of handmade chocolate truffles including Champagne Truffles by Ferdia Fine Foods or Mixed or Mint Non-Alcoholic Truffles by Skelligs.

3) Boxes of Chocolates

The traditional box of chocolates is still a firm favourite so again we have a choice of these from Lindt & Lily O'Brien.

4) Chocolate Mallows

Pick something lights & fluffy in the form of Heavenly Mallows by Hope & Greenwood. Available in 2 flavours: Salted Caramel Marshmallows Smothered with Milk Chocolate & Orange Marshmallows Smothered with Dark Chocolate.

5) Chocolate Buns

Choose from flapjacks, muffins, cupcakes or tray bakes all of which have a chocolate theme.



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