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Why Oh Why Is British & Irish Chocolate Banned In USA

Last month it was revealed that Hershey's have brought a lawsuit against importers of British chocolate, this means that the beloved Cadbury's chocolate made in the UK and many others will no longer be available in America. Although, they have given many reasons for this atrocity, they seem a little trivial. To qualify as chocolate in the UK it must contain at least 20% cocoa solids, giving it a rich and creamy flavour. In the US the minimum is 10%, now you know where that 'distinctive' taste comes from.  Other UK chocolate products have been banned for importing because they look too similar to US packaging or sound to like one of their chocolate products, as they are worried it would confuse customers.

Lets take a look at this for a second, the products below are the ones in question, now you can see the products side by side.


With the outcry from the Brits living in America, they are now stockpiling on their childhood favourites before they disappear from shelves all across America. This issue has hit us all hard, which is obvious as it has caused a massive social media storm especially on twitter with the following hashtag #boycotthershey is being used for everyone who is not happy about this from both here and across the pond.

The real question we all have to ask ourselves is what will our British & Irish friends & family do at Easter in America, if they cannot have Cadbury Easter Eggs, how will they get through such hard times?

Comment below and let us know what is your opinion on this hard hitting issue & which is your chocolate childhood favourites?

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