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What To Buy The Birthday Boy Who Wants "Nothing" | Top 5 Gifts For Men

Buying birthday gifts can be difficult at the best of times, but it's made even harder when you ask for ideas only to be told "I don't need anything" or "Don't worry about getting me a present this year". If you actually didn't get them anything you'd probably be the worst in the world!

My husNeil birthdayband's birthday is shortly after Valentine's Day too and so I have to think of 2 gift ideas in a short period of time. It was also Neil's birthday last week (our big brother) and again he told us there was nothing he wanted. Otherwise (when pressed for information) he'll come up with really unusual, but practical ideas like a tyre for his car or an exotic plant for his garden!

We always get a birthday cake for anyone celebrating a birthday in work & gather round to sing and embarrass them, so this time was no exception. There is also the now traditional photo to go on Facebook!

It got us thinking what the most popular gifts for men are, and whether we can incorporate these top items into a birthday gift basket for him.

1) Food & Drink

Always a popular choice as they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.  This might be in the form of a special home-cooked meal, a fancy meal out or simply a few of his favourite treats that he feels too guilty about to eat every day. Their favourite tipple of beer, cider, wine or whiskey is also bound to be a sure-fire hit.

2) Gadgets

Boys toys and the latest technology always seem to go down well too, from the latest i-phone/pad accessory to a remote control toy to the latest tool which will finally help them complete all those odd jobs needing done around the house.

3) Pampering

Manscaping is at an all time high so their favourite aftershave and moisturiser are also popular choices in their pursuit of being groomed to perfection. Perhaps a sport massage or hot towel shave would also be well received, although 'Guyliner' might be a bridge too far for some.

4) Vouchers

Vouchers for a an adventure day involving a dangerous activity, sport or vehicle are also extremely popular gift choices for men.

5) Clothes

New clothes or shoes as gifts always go down well in my house, although my husband often likes to pick them himself rather than risking my choice! Many guys are the opposite though and will just wear whatever you get them, result!

Reading back over this list we're pleased to see that BasketsGalore can accommodate almost all of these top 5 items within a gift basket for him. We have an endless supply of food gifts for him so take your pick and we also have a great choice of fun gift baskets for him (boys toys, gadgets, DVD's etc) and pamper gifts for him (male grooming kits, back scratches, massage oil etc)

We can also accommodate the inclusion of vouchers, and customers often post us these vouchers to include in their gift basket. The only one which might prove difficult to include in a gift basket is clothes or shoes, although we could get around this by including vouchers for his favourite store instead. Sorted.

Which type of gift basket for him would the man in your life prefer? If you can't decide you can always Create Your Own and include a little bit of everything!

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