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Baskets Galore's Guide To Surviving Office Colds

I don't know about all you guys but it seems that for at least the past 3 months, at least 1 person has been sick in our office. With everyone taking their turns, you would think that once round would be enough, but some people seem to be going for a record and are catching everything that is going. Even if it isn't just our mad office, the cold/flu season is still in full force, and with the season on the chance (some say when you can see snowdrops, it is the official start of spring) many people are susceptible to colds around this time.

Continue reading for our guide on surviving the office colds, though there are 2 ways to take our advice, 1 we have had so much experience with this we no what we are talking about or 2 we are clueless and have been doing it wrong this whole time. (Disclaimer:these are just fun ways to be the sickness at bay, none of us are medically trained do not take our advice too seriously.)

If someone from your office is off sick, why not take a look at the lovely selection of Get Well Gifts that we have on our website.

1. Antibacterial Hand Gel

This is essential for keeping your hands clean, especially before & after lunch and while commuting (because trains are not the cleanest!)

2. Disinfectant Wipes

Make sure everyone in your office knows where the disinfectant wipes live and the importance of them using them. Aim for everyone to clean their computer/laptop and desk on a regular basis.

3. Medical Supplies

Vital information alert! Always keep a stocked cupboard full of cold/flu supplies, with tablets, drink sachets etc. Try to keep a varied range of products so that people can choose their favourite way to take their medicine.

4. Keep Warm

Whether you are sick or worried that you may catch something, make sure you wrap warm has we all know what it is like to try and work in a cold office. There are easy steps to keeping warm without having purchasing any new clothes, just add an extra layer and a scarf, find that thick woolly jumper hidden at the back of the wardrobe or opt for finger-less gloves and a hat.

5. Warm Drinks

Do not underestimate the power a warm drink can have, they are sometimes the perfect cure. Whether your preference is a cuppa tea, coffee or hot chocolate, they all will help but for the most effective results have it made by some else.

6. Tissues

Make sure you have a good supply of tissues at hand, we all know that 1 is just not enough. Tissues don't just help ease your running nose but also helps to stop the spreading of both sneezing and coughing.

7. Get Your 5 A Day

Eat lots of fruit & vegetables, especially if you are a serial snacker at your desk, snack on fruit instead and add more vegetables to your meals. This is pretty easy for us to include as we have fresh fruit deliveries everyday, there is always a something lovely and healthy to nibble on in our staff snack box.

8. Lunch Times

Try not to skip meals, even if you do not have much of an appetite as this will help boost your energy levels, you could also kill 2 birds with 1 stone as the saying goes and have a warm hearty soup for lunch which has been the common cure for colds for years, but can also be light on the stomach for those with little appetite.

9. Clean Up

After your lovely cup of tea or lunch, make sure you clean our dishes, it may seem like an obvious one but it will help to stop the spread.

10. Call In Sick

Remember that sometimes when you are too sick to come in, you shouldn't force yourself because then it won't be one for the team, when you make the team sick. Only you can be the judge but try not to bring anything into the office that will cause mass sick days.



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