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Occasion Swap-arounds at BasketsGalore

One of my favourite tasks during my stints of covering the Processing Team’s work was choosing the greeting cards to go with each order. I like to imagine and puzzle out which cards would convey the customer’s message the best, and also match the theme of the basket. So when the team ever ask for help in this area, I always hop to it.

Sometimes, we get some that truly make us scratch our heads. Such as when a recipient with a unisex name comes through, do we include a female card or one more oriented towards a male recipient? Now that we have a new card range, we can solve this with a card that is not gender specific.

Recently though, the headscratchers had reached a brand new level: customers ordering baskets for one occasion when they are blatantly for another occasion. We had thank you baskets, which needed all thank you items to be taken out and replaced with Get Well items; birthday baskets being ordered with requests to change the birthday items to thank you items etc.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a basket for a different occasion because sometimes customers especially liked the basket’s design. The part that made these occasion swap cases odd and different though, was that there were already versions of the basket’s designed in their desired occasion.

Baked Regards (Thank You Basket)
Baked Wishes (Birthday Basket)

This week, we had a birthday basket ordered. The basket was specifically designed with birthdays in mind and it is only available in the birthday section. All was well until we noticed it had a Get Well Soon message.

Should we put it in a ‘Happy Birthday’ card or should we put it into a ‘Get Well Soon’ card? Which should take precedence – birthday wishes or get well wishes? What if we thought one was more appropriate but the customer instead had wanted the other? Troubled, we sent the customer a quick email. It turns out it was most definitely not the recipient’s birthday and that the customer had not realised it was a Birthday basket - the word ‘Birthday’ in the basket’s name and the birthday cake weren’t a big enough clue apparently.

Birthday Fruit Gift Basket

Thankfully, we had always managed to swap the items in time for delivery so all was well.

We thought this was a good example of the extra personal touch you get when ordering from BasketsGalore. We don't just fire your order out, we take care to make sure all aspects of the order are correct as you are paying for & receiving  a gift delivery service when you order from us. Our new video tag line really sums up the care we take with each order we receive - BasketsGalore - From Our Family To Yours"

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