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Baskets Galore And The Baby Boy Boom!

There is one type of gift basket that sells all year round regardless of occasions, could you guess which it is?

The answer is Baby Gift Baskets of course!

It sure seems as though every time i'm in the warehouse all you can see is baby blue baskets, so this got me thinking that maybe we are experiencing a baby boy boom. I was intrigued and decided to do some research. Firstly I trailed through the baby gift basket sales for the past year, to see if I could confirm my theory that we are selling more baby boy baskets than girls. The results from the sales were notably close but definitely in the baby boys favour. Surprisingly, the government statistics for the UK backs up my theory, their statistics show that 51% of boys and only 49% of girls were born in 2013.  Although it looks as if girls aren't too far behind, the boys are the clear winners. The top 2 popular names for baby boys are OliverGeorge (well that was unexpected) and Charlie.

So it looks like your going to need to know which are the best baby boy baskets, hopefully our top 6 helps.

Remember we have our full range on our website including baby girl options. (Prices were correct at time of writing 29.08.14.)

Comment below if you have sent any baby boy gift baskets this year.

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