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Baskets Galore And Our Sweet Luscombe Drinks Range!

With the heat we are experiencing (even though it may not be sunny all the time, we can hope) let's talk about drinks! In particular the excellent Luscombe range we have here at Baskets Galore. Luscombe have been making beautiful drinks since 1975. They are a family owned business who pride themselves on sourcing all the ingredients for their drinks from growers they trust. There are three main reasons why their products are of such high quality.

  • Firstly, their ingredients are picked from the best areas and at the right time of the seasons, the ginger for their non-alcoholic hot and cold beers comes mainly from Brazil, sometimes Jamaica and the oranges and lemons for their St Clements Lemonade comes from the volcanic soils of Sicily.
  • Secondly, the use of bespoke equipment made for them by craftsmen, which helps them to create the best quality drinks with no shorthand's, tricks or shortcuts. They only produce genuine drinks with as few steps in the process as possible.
  • Thirdly, all their drinks are completely natural and organic with minimal processing, they don't use concentrates or have any added artificial additives or flavourings.

Now for the best bit (my favourite time of the week), we get to taste test the Luscombe drinks! We did this originally before stocking the drinks to make sure that our customers get only the best quality products in all our hampers. However, the flavours change and our staff so we are having another go and sharing it with you this time. We think it is important that we all know how the products we stock taste so as we can describe and recommend items based on the recipient.

We have a great selection of  delicious drinks to taste test, including Raspberry Crush, St. Clements, Sicilian Lemonade, Elderflower Bubbly, Cool Ginger Beer and Hot Ginger Beer.

luscombe taste test



Raspberry Crush

"It's the ticket, I really enjoy it." Luke

"Light and refreshing, not as sweet and more authentic tasting" Lynne

St. Clements

"Very nice and summery, would be lovely with breakfast" Kate

"Nice, fresh and citrusy" Laura

Elderflower Bubbly

"It smells beautiful and tastes delicious" Shannon

"It's the perfect drink for the summer, especially if you don't want some alcoholic bubbly" Lynne

Sicilian Lemon

"Sharp and very refreshing for a hot summers day" Andrea

"It brings my tastebuds alive, it tastes earthy" Lynne

"It smells like keylime pie, a real thrist quencher" Kate

Cool Ginger Beer

"Nicest ginger beer I have ever tasted." Neil

Tingly, fascinating taste that makes you want more." Victoria

Hot Ginger Beer

"Surprisingly doesn't smell as strong as cool ginger, be nice with biscuits and cheese." Simon

We asked each taste tester to rank their top 3 favourite flavours and then calculated the overall totals. The results are below:

1st - St. Clements Juice

2nd - Raspberry Crush Juice

3rd - Sicilian Lemon Juice

General comments on the overall quality of the drinks: "I love the fizziness, they feel fresh and lovely instead of most mass produced normal soft drinks."

You can definitely tell that time and effort that is used to produce these drinks when you sample that great quality taste. You can find these great drinks in many of our gift baskets. We've selected a few examples below. You can also add them when creating your own gift basket, from the Drinks section.

white spaceBrunch Basket - £64.99white spaceSweet Nostalgia - £45.00

white spacebrunch-basketwhite spaceno3.new_sweets.1000

white spaceBirthday Party Basket - £49.99white spaceDad's Foody Favourite - £34.99

white spacebirthdayparty-withcheesewhite spacedadsfoodyfavouritesnew1000

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