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A Change Is As Good As A Holiday?

Although many of us in BasketsGalore are not tied down to a certain couple of months of the year in which we HAVE to take holidays, we find that most people still seem to gravitate towards Summer holidays. This is probably because we are so used to only going then while we are at school, or because Europe is our closest holiday spot and so Summer is best to guarantee lots of sun :)

Having said that Kate actually hates the sun and usually goes out of her way to avoid it. She visited Hong Kong in July and the temperatures were in the early-thirties. Although she explained that in the city it feels even warmer than that, with all the tall buildings trapping the sun. Roma is originally from Lithuania and so her first holiday of the year was back home. She told us that this Summer was particularly hot though, so she got lots of time in the sun. Sylwia, Pawel and Kasia in the warehouse are from Poland and so they too tend to spend their holidays at home too. They tend to get a mixture of sunny spells and showers, so not unlike here!

Victoria hasn't been away yet this year, as she is saving for her big Las Vegas holiday in January. When I was in Vegas a couple of years ago it was at the start of September and around 40 degrees of dry, desert heat! Luckily Victoria is going at a time the temperatures aren't so extreme. Laura was away in San Francisco last year to visit her brother, but this year is staying a little closer to home by staying at her Uncle's apartment in Bulgaria.

Neil visited several areas of Greece and Selina, Lynne and myself have all been or are going to Spain. I was in South Africa last year, but now little Rowan has come along I didn't want to venture too far away as I'm not sure we'd be able to entertain him on a 12 hour flight!

Having read all our holiday destinations I think BasketsGalore has delivered gift baskets to nearly all of these locations, and we definitely have customers from all these lovely countries.

Those of us at BG who aren't going abroad have scheduled time off to spend relaxing at home, although instead you tend to try and get all those odd jobs you always intended to do done around the house! There is something about a bit of sun that just makes everything seem & look better. Everyone seems happier and we all get out and about doing things. We were lucky to get a good few weeks of sun in the UK & Ireland this year, so those of us staying at home didn't mind at all!

It's important to try and take some time out for yourself, either at home or on holiday, to recharge the old batteries and de-stress. If I could pick a gift basket to help me achieve that inner calm it would be "Detoxify For Her" as I could pamper myself  with all the smellies and massage goodies before kicking back with a magazine, a glass of freshly pressed juice and some fruit to nibble on.














What type of gift basket/goodies would help you to relax and unwind?

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