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3-ply Hamper By BasketsGalore

Providing a customised gift basket service often comes with challenges for the warehouse staff. Just thinking of how to pack the baskets would be a puzzle by itself. It was one thing to pack and arrange items the way you’re used to with our standard baskets but it’s another thing when customers give you combinations of items you’ve never even dreamed of. Not only must you pack it in such a way as to give it the wow factor when the recipient receives it, but you also have to consider how to arrange the items so that they arrive safely and intact.

By now, the warehouse team are used to packing hand creams. They are used to fruit, biscuits, juice bottles and magazines. They are even used to packing and arranging twelve little bunny soft toys into a basket with a pineapple, and still make it look like a piece of art.

We have had several companies and individual customers who had approached us to put something even more unique to themselves into the hamper. They would then send us these personalised touches and we would slip them in with the baskets. Usually these touches comes in the form of their own company compliment slips or hand written cards - all small things which could easily be arranged and packed securely.

This week I had provided our warehouse team with a new challenge.

tissues warehousepic

Yes, tissues.

A company is doing a prize draw and sent us 4-packs of tissue paper to be included in their order for our "Ultimate Indulgence" pamper basket. Needless to say the warehouse team was bemused. They took a good while arranging it out first for a presentation photograph as requested by the company and because we have to send the tissues off intact, we cannot open the tissues so I nipped to the bathroom and borrowed a roll or two for the photo.

UIVelvet OriginalAfter that they spent a while putting the basket together, taking everything out, putting it in and juggling all the contents multiple times until it looked fantastic and could also travel safely to the destination. We are yet to hear back from the company on how the recipients reacted to the hamper, but with how pretty it looked I’m sure it will be a hit.

So what do you think, a one-off or will toilet paper soon be a highly desirable product in a get well gift basket?

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