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New Product Alert - Top Notch, Pop Notch Popcorn

This week we had a visit from a cheery salesman, Michael, who was promoting his new brand of popcorn. This could only mean one thing - another taste testing session!

We had actually been paid a visit from this particular supplier before & although we liked the product unfortunately we felt the packaging wasn't suitable for featuring in our gift baskets.

The company has since re-branded & now the popcorn tastes AND looks the part!

popcorn cropped

The popcorn, branded Pop Notch, is lovingly crafted by artisan producer So Popcorn.

We had the chance to sample a few different flavours:


Sweet & Salty

Salty & Caramel

Staff from both the warehouse and office  took part in this taste testing session and the results turned out as follows.

Everyone had to rank the 3 varieties in order of preference.

1st = Sweet and Salty

2nd= Marshmallow

3rd= Salty Caramel

Kate described the Sweet and Salty popcorn to be "very salty but nice" and that the Caramel popcorn had the taste of Butterkist, but nicer! Kate is a great person to sample products as I feel she really gives good feedback for myself to blog about and fill in use readers how we are getting on.

Jonny O came up with the funniest comment. He said that he loves taste testing because he just loves food in general! Considering he is very trim this is quite hard to believe! He then went on to explain that in the cinema he would mix 2  flavors of popcorn together and add chocolate to it! I can't say I have ever tried this combination, have you guys?

Andrea thought that the Sweet & Salty flavour would go particularly nicely with a cheeky glass of wine.

Taste testing has to be one of the best times of the week for us here at Baskets Galore, a real perk of the job!

Overall the popcorn was a real hit & is already something we include in some of our gift baskets (sourced locally). This lovely new brand will replace the local version, so look out for it coming to our gift baskets ASAP.

For now you can select it on our Create Your Own website, for friends and family who like to munch!

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