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Lego City Comes To BasketsGalore Gift Baskets For Kids

Lego City Construction Sets are designed for easy building from ages 5 upwards.  Currently there are four works vehicles comprising of either a cement mixer, a fire engine, a petrol tanker or a street cleaner.  Here at BasketsGalore we find that it can be difficult finding a generic gift suitable for a young boy (or girl!), hence our new range of the versatile Lego city construction vehicles.  These come complete with various props such as hoses, ladders, 'cement' and wheelbarrow, garbage bins and brushes and they also have one or two mini figures to help do their jobs.

Tanker Truck

Keep Lego City moving with the Tanker Truck.  Deliver another load of gasoline to the tank station.  Back the truck into position, connect the hose and fill up the pump!  Then climb onto the roof and close the fuel valve.  With so many cars, trucks and motor cycles in Lego City, the Tanker Truck driver's job is never done.  Includes a Tanker Driver mini figure.

Cement Mixer

Lay the foundations for a new Lego City Building with the heavy duty Cement Mixer.  Drive into position, rotate the drum, aim the chute and pour!  Hurry to let the construction worker lay the cement, before it hardens, with the shovel and wheelbarrow.  Includes 2 mini figures a driver and a construction worker.

Garbage Truck

The workers are busy collecting the trash in Lego City.  Wheel the bins into the rear loader, empty the trash into the garbage truck and take it away to the dump.  Includes 2 mini figure workers.

Fire Truck

Get to your action stations!  There's a fire in Lego City and the firefighters need to rush to the scene in their amazing fire truck.  Connect the hose, extend the ladder and suit-up in the fire fighting gear.  Then it's time to grab an axe, climb on the ladder and extinguish the flames.  Includes 2 mini figures.

How can work be such fun!

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 12.15.20

These Lego sets are now being incorporated into our Gift Baskets For Kids and in the meantime you can add them on our Create Your Own site.


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