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Final Goodbyes From Jade

The day has finally come when I will be saying 'goodbye' to all my fellow employees here at Baskets Galore.

I first joined Baskets Galore as a placement student having to complete a year in the industry for my degree. I came into the company and was working with a fellow IT student, William, who maintained the back-end of the websites while I had to look after the front-end of the websites. I had to make sure that the design appearance was glossy, correct and up to date with the various occasions and promotions throughout the year. This involved working with some software I had experience with & also learning to work with new ones, all of which added to my skill set.

Looking back now I can't believe nearly 3 years have flown by! When my placement year ended I went back to finish University, but stayed on at BasketsGalore on a part-time basis to mentor the new Design student. Once I had graduated I came back into a slightly different role, combining my design work with social media, blogging and videos so it has challenged me & taught me new skills. I have met people here that I will be friends with for a long time, and my roles within the company has given me the confidence to go out into the Graphic Design industry.

My colleagues asked me what some of my lasting memories will be from my time here. Christmas is a particularly memorable occasion here at Baskets Galore and the experience is something that I will never forget, because it is just so busy and all the design work has to be prepared for upload weeks in advance. Although it is incredibly busy, it is also great fun working together as part of a busy team, achieving the sales & then turning all the orders around in such a short time.

A memorable moment for me would be when I was working within the Customer Service Team (in December we all change roles to help with orders & dispatches). I made the mistake of answering the telephone only to be told I was "as useful as a chocolate fireguard".  This happened 2 years ago and it's a moment that we all still laugh about, especially as the lady who said it then telephoned the next day and said, "Darling, I know it's not your fault it's the delivery drivers". She must have thought I was an entirely different person!

We all have aspects of our job that we don't enjoy as much and the task I liked the least was preparing the Christmas Brochure's during my 1st year here. I tried editing the previous years brochure in a different piece of software & it all got jumbled so something that should have taken me a day to do took me nearly 3 weeks! It was a stressful time for me as we needed the brochure to be launched ASAP.  I had no experience of doing a brochure beforehand, but it’s true that if it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you. Once the brochure design was finally set up, it was much easier to be edited the following years so it was worth it in the end.

I am now going on to further my career in the Graphic Design industry, and although I am slightly nervous I am excited to see how this journey will turn out. I will certainly miss my weekly (sometimes daily) hit of free chocolate from the BasketsGalore "rejected stock" pile (broken lollies etc that we can't sell)

I want to thank Baskets Galore and wish them all the best for the future ... thank you for my card and cake :)

Jade leaving


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