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"Create Your Own Gift Basket" Site Is Having A Makeover

You've probably noticed us harping on about people creating their own gift baskets quite a bit. This is because we are proud to be one of the first gift basket companies to offer this service in real time online, rather than having to email back and forward to arrange this.

It's such a popular segment of our business that we have a website dedicated to "Create Your Owns" or "CYO's" as we call them. Trying to incorporate this side of things into our main website would have led to a less user-friendly experience for those wanting a pre-designed basket, so instead we gave it it's very own platform. It' s also great because we can have plenty of categories and sections and not have to limit them or squeeze them in on our main site.

The CYO site has been running for a number of years now & although the main site was upgraded last year we unfortunately didn't get time to re-design the 'Create Your Own' one as well.  (We build and design our websites in-house you see.)

However, we have finally been able to schedule the redesign for this June, 2014. The Lovely Laura, our design placement student, had been back at University this year and so has only been working on a part-time basis. She is completing her exams and coursework in May and so can come back to BG in June. We will be very happy to have her back making everything pretty! She is also being tasked with the Create Your Own redesign, having done a great job on BasketsGalore UK and Baby BasketsGalore.

We'll ask Laura to keep us updated on her progress over the next few weeks and would love to hear your suggestions on how we can make this site even better for you.

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