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Birthday Party In A Tin - By Apples to Pears

Last year, we introduced a new fun product for our gift baskets – a train set in a tin! The nosy parker that I am, the instant I saw it listed in our stock, I took a peek at it en route to the bathroom. This year, we’re introducing a new tin set. (Fear not, train enthusiasts, the train in a tin is still available)

This time, we have a Birthday Party in a Tin! These handy kits are produced by Apples To Pears based in Gloucestershire.

birthday party kit

Lucky for me, I didn’t have to sneak a peek en route to the bathroom this time; rather, it was just handed to me at my desk for me to add to the new inventory system we just started using.

The tin measures about 14cm x 10 cm x 5cm. It might look small but I assure you that it contains more than expected. There are 20 small candles of various colours with matching candle holders. Tucked at the bottom of the tin is 1 x Happy Birthday bunting (line of flags) for you to stream across the room, or, weather permitting, the front porch.

I hope you guys have good lung capacity because there are also 15 birthday balloons in the kit, again in various colours. Then again, you don’t have to blow up every balloon, right? Or you can have one of those balloon pumps. Is there a certain skill involved in tying balloons as well? I can never tie my ones up without fear of it bursting in my hand or it gets loose and swirls across the room as it deflates (scaring my cat along the way – always). I’m so bad it that I just inflate the balloons then hand them straight to my brother to tie up now.

Now all you need is a cake, a crowd and you’ll have a party all set.

We can provide the cake and party treats to go with it on our "Create Your Own"  gift basket site, but you'll have to arrange the crowd yourself I'm afraid! Try not to get too wild, now!

These handy birthday kits will also be appearing in our Birthday Gift Basket range over the coming months, handy if you need to shop & go!


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