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New Wall Charts By Abacus For BasketsGalore's Children's Gifts

At  Baskets Galore every gift basket receives a complimentary gift card for your message, however this is an option for our customers to upgrade their gift card if they wish. This might be to a specific birthday age or milestone anniversary for example.

Recently we ordered a batch of cards from our usual supplier, Abacus, only to be surprised when we opened the delivery. We found these very adorable but blatantly very different children cards in the box. Confused and puzzled, we wondered if this was er… our order? Maybe the card company got us mixed up with somebody else?

The confusion did not last long though for the purchasing team came to the rescue and explained that these are a new range of cards we’re going to stock and, my oh my, were they fancy.

They measure about 21 cm by 21 cm when folded and in an envelope which meant these were pretty large cards, but it had been revealed that they were even larger unfolded!

Wall Friezes


There were two which, when unfolded horizontally display the alphabet or a line of numbers. The point of such a large unfolded card is that it could be stuck on a wall like a wall frieze.

Does anybody know what a wall frieze is? I certainly didn’t. It’s okay, we have a dictionary handy:

Frieze (noun) 1. A decorative or ornamental band on the wall.

Aha! Mystery solved. Thanks Mr. Dictionary, you may retire back into your cupboard until the next fancy new word pops up. So yes, frieze. Very adorable and colourful friezes they make too and on the back of it, it lets us stick a gift card message on for the recipient. How thoughtful!

Height Charts


There were another two in the box, this time, instead of friezes, they were height charts. There is a space one and a woodland animals one, both of them go up to the height 145cm so they are sure to keep track of a child’s progress for a good few years. In fact, they are so pretty that I almost wished they made them a bit taller so that the entire family could use it – now wouldn’t that be a thought?

Without further ado, we immediately put them online in our Create Your Own Gift Basket site, eager to share this fantastic new product. Which one would you send a child? Freize of height chart?

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