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Christmas Time At BasketsGalore - How The Warehouse Team Felt

How The Warehouse Team Felt During December

Christmas is by far our busiest time of the year, but some of the warehouse team recently described Mother's Day 2014 as a "mini Christmas" as it was also an extremely busy time for us.

This made me wonder what their thoughts were about working here at Christmas time, and during other busy holiday periods. If you enjoy hearing about people working together as a team to get a job done, meaning a constant stream of work and long hours, then you will like this blog!

Everyone in Baskets Galore has a slightly different view on how they felt at Christmas depending on their role within the organisation. Last month we had the Office staff opinions about this busy period and now we have the Warehouse workers.

Photo0128 Our FULL warehouse!


Sylwia is the Team Leader in the packing department, meaning she is in charge of the contents going into the hampers and baskets.

She explained that her team are constantly on their feet in December, they do not get a chance to rest or slow down (apart from their lunch break
of course). It is important for them to keep on top of the orders and get all the items packed into the baskets on time for them to be moved onto the next department. They are the first link the chain so need to keep feeding the next department, which is the decoration department.


Kasia works in the Decoration department and explained to me that she has to prepare all the items such as the bows and ribbons several weeks before Christmas as there is simply not enough time to get them all shrink wrapped and decorated  in time for dispatch on a single day. Once Kasia and her colleagues have finished adding their artistic touches, they pass the hampers & baskets through to be boxed for dispatch.


Jonny leads the Dispatch team and is in charge of organising the protective wrap & delivery carton/box and then matching the gift card and delivery paperwork to each order. He then has to make sure the hampers are sent to the relevant collection area in our warehouse, depending on which delivery courier it is going with. We use a variety of couriers for our deliveries depending on the destination and basket type etc.

This was Jonny’s 1st Christmas and he described it as hard work with long hours, but he also said it was great as time goes by really quickly & the warehouse is buzzing with activity. We often joke there is a time warp in BasketsGalore, where hours can pass like minutes!

Everyone explained to me that even though the hours are long and it's hard work, they really enjoy the atmosphere in the place and the constant work flow helps them to pass their days quickly.

We also remember to tell ourselves that although we are working really hard while everyone else is out enjoying the Christmas festivities, it is only for a few weeks and it means we get extra holidays during the rest of the year - yey!

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