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National Cereal Day - BasketsGalore Breakfast Goodies

Sugar & Spice (and all things nice!)

Today is 'National Cereal Day' (7th March 2014) so we thought it was a great opportunity for a blog about breakfast! We don't have cereal in our gift baskets currently, but we do have Ashbourne's Sugar n' Spice range. Their muffins and flapjacks make particularly great breakfast treats!

Sugar n Spice Muffins Sugar n Spice Muffins

The team at Ashbourne Foods are passionate about developing great tasting products that really are the best in the class in terms of taste. They supply a range of premium quality ambient, wrapped products which have BRC accreditation and great shelf lives (perfect for gift baskets!) The Sugar n' Spice range offers top quality Bakery Slices, Cakes, Muffins, Cup Cakes and Biscuits, all in eye-catching packaging.

Recently I got the folks in the office to help me out with a little taste testing on our tea break (a perk of the job!)

I selected 3 different flavours of Sugar n' Spice muffins from our stock area:

Raspberry & White Chocolate

Triple Chocolate

Sticky Toffee

I cut the muffins into tiny pieces so there was plenty to go around & everyone had to rank their favourites in order of preference. The results were as follows:

1st Choice: Raspberry

2nd Choice: Chocolate

3rd Choice: Toffee

The Sticky Toffee one was actually my favourite, but I was out-voted by the others! Chocolate was also 1st choice for a couple of my colleagues, so interestingly each muffin flavour was somebody's favourite!

Which flavour of muffin do you normally go for & maybe we'll add it to our range?

As I mentioned, Ashbourne also offer a selection of fruity or chocolately flapjacks which can be enjoyed for breakfast or as a tasty snack throughout the day.

Flapjacks Flapjacks

Anyway all this breakfast talk is making me hungry so I'm off for a cuppa, but please do get in touch & let us know what you would put in your breakfast basket?

Here's one we made earlier:

Breakfast Basket Breakfast Basket £44.99
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