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BG Design Team Busy Creating 2nd Edition Gift Cards

Hi Folks,

It's Jade here with a little update. Thanks to our lovely customers the gift cards that I designed have turned out to be a huge success! Woohooo!!

As I love to design and feel that it is only fair to keep fulfilling the needs of our great customers, I thought that it was time to put my design hat back on again and start creating cards for all the holidays we celebrate throughout the year. Holidays and occasions such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter & Special Birthdays. As my passion is design, creating something like these and knowing that so many customers have loved the first batch makes me feel really pleased. I feel that it shows how much time & effort we put into every single detail of our baskets & the service aspect surrounding this.

As the occasion Mother’s Day is fast approaching I thought this was the best time to get designing the second edition of cards to be brought onto the shelves in our office. Each gift basket order receives one of these gift cards with it. The card is selected by our Admin Team, based on the content of the gift card message written by the customer.

A lot of the designs for the first edition worked well as a collage of images, so I felt it would be wise if I created a few with this similar theme. However, for the Mother’s Day one I wanted to make this card as “pretty” as possible, so went down the route of using illustrations of flowers and butterflies. All the cute & pretty things that mums like to see on gift cards.

I had originally designed the card as a collage, but upon completion it made me think that not all mother’s may appreciate this card. I went back to Photoshop (as most designers probably do) and created another concept for the card.

Card Collage For Mother's Day - Idea One


I feel as a designer it's always best to have three concepts and then narrow it down and work on the best one.

I sometimes think that when other people/clients see designers' work they do not realise how much work has actually been put into something as simple as a card. For example, just to select a font there is so much to think about in the typography area like the height and width of each character. We also have the size of font and not to forget thinking about the leading and kerning of the fonts. Reading this one paragraph you may be thinking that I think too much into everything, but as a designer this is something that we face everyday.

Our new designs are now with the printers and should hopefully be with us in the next several days. Then we'll be ready to send them out to all the wonderful mother’s out there who will be receiving a gift basket from ourselves.

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