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Mother's Day Gift Baskets - For 30th March 2014

Mother's Day 2014

We celebrate Mother's Day this year on Sunday 30th March!

I love Mother's Day because everywhere is decorated in beautiful spring colors and I think it’s a day that every mother looks forward to. There are lots of mums out there at all ages and stages. Many will have experienced Mother's Day lots of times already and some will be celebrating the day for the first time, like my work colleague Andrea. This will be her first Mothering Sunday with her little son Rowan, who is now 4 months old!

It's a day that honours us mums & rewards us for the hard daily work we do for our little ones (not that we would have it any other way!) Motherhood is a wonderful journey as we are all lucky to have created such perfect little people!

Here in Baskets Galore we always bring out a new range of gift baskets to treat mums everywhere to a great gift, full of items they will love. Selina is the BasketsGalore mummy and any new Mother's Day gift baskets need to receive her seal of approval. Our pampering baskets are also very popular for this occasion and why not when it’s a day when all mothers should be spoilt!

My favourite basket would be the 'Pretty Woman' basket as it has all the luxuries that I love, such as magazines for when my son goes to bed. I can sit, have a cup of tea and catch up on all the celebrity gossip! This basket also has great oils and lotion and great products to help create a relaxing bath. We all require one of these once in a while! My plans for Mother's Day are to take my son out for the day, get some pub lunch and then come home to have a candle lit bath with all the bath goodies from this basket. I will come out smelling of roses and then sit down to have lots of chocolates and read the wonderful magazines…. now how does that sound? Perfect!


A family member of mine recently had another baby girl  (she now has 3 girls under the age of 3 years! ) She told me she can’t wait until Mother's Day as they are going away for the weekend. Other mums in the office are looking forward to being treated to breakfast in bed and spending some quality time with their children - little and grown up ones!

mother and son

Mother's Day is celebrated at different times of the year in other countries, but mostly in the spring season. I think this is because this is the season the little lambs and cute farm animals are born and so it represents becoming mothers.




What are all you mummies out there going to do to celebrate Mother's Day 2014?

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