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Filling Our Customers Requests

Customer Requests

Today we had a request from a lady who lives in London for a “Get Well Fruit Basket For him” one of our popular male get well baskets filled with lots of fruit to help get those essential vitamins back into the body. What made this basket stand out to our team was the fact the lovely lady who purchased this basket clearly knows the recipient very well as she ordered an additional three magazines to be added to the ready made basket.

But then the problem occurred the magazines that she requested were not on our regular supply being Bush craft, National Geographic and The Weekly. As we know how important it is to fill our customers expectations, we had a member of staff leave the office to purchases these items.

Unfortunately The Weekly magazine was not due out until the next day so we replaced it with a similar product and as for the offer two magazines, although quite obscure, thankfully we were able to source them both.

We have lots of customers that contact us for different items to be added and although not all requests can be filled we try our best to the best of our ability to keep our customers happy.

We are always happy to try and accommodate those “Special” requests.

I even had to get Jonny in the warehouse to open the box up so that I could snap a quick picture of the basket.


If you would like to see how the gift basket you created turned out then please just drop us an email at the time of placing your order. We can then request for a picture to be taken, where possible, & email you a copy.

Otherwise if the recipient sends us a picture of them receiving their basket they are entered into a draw to win more goodies as a thank you.

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