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Fruit Delivery

Here at Baskets Galore, we always aim to create gift baskets and hampers that our customers will love.

When we started our business 11 years ago, a large part of our range was made up of personalized gift baskets that customers had asked us to create specially for them.

As time went by, we extended the range by creating more and more baskets, but we always kept the original concept of the personalized gift basket at the core of the business.

One of the items which was repeatedly asked for was fresh fruit, however they did not want baskets full of fruit alone, rather a fruit basket combined with cheese, chocolates, wine, books, magazine and healthy edible treats.

In the summer season we encompass all things healthy and introduce lots of new exotic and tropical fruit baskets to the range and take advantage of the abundance of delicious seasonal fruit on offer.

Fruit baskets are still a popular gift choice for the winter season too, especially those in our get-well gift basket range, perfect for when people fall ill or feel poorly. A bright colourful fruit basket it just what the doctor ordered!

We’re delighted to say that 2013 has seen Baskets Galore grow from strength to strength.  Our new super fast, technologically advanced websites and cheaper delivery rate has seen orders multiply, and with this more and more fruit baskets are being dispatched.

Yesterday we received a comment from a customer about a fruit basket she had received.  She mentioned that she had expected the fruit basket to arrive exactly as seen in the picture on our website.

We thought perhaps it might be worth explaining why this isn’t so in case there are any other customers who might think the same thing.

We explained that unfortunately it isn’t possible for our baskets to arrive unsealed with fruit spilling over the sides.  Our baskets are delivered all over the UK and Ireland and it just isn’t practical or hygienic.  Firstly the fruit is carefully arranged and packed inside the gift basket to prepare it for gift wrapping.  It is then placed inside our presentation delivery box.  It is then surrounded in protective wrapping and fastenings to prevent it from getting damaged in transit. We would love to hand deliver every Gift Basket and Hamper to our customers which would allow the contents to be arranged in this manner, however since this is not a viable option, we use only the best packaging and courier services to ensure the customer is happy with every purchase.


Here is a pic of the Extra Fruity Gift Basket as seen our website.


Here is a pic of a typical Fresh Fruit Gift Basket awaiting wrapping before being sent out to the customer.

The Gift Basket packaging process can be seen in full by viewing this video on our website! Basket Presentation

We hope this sheds some light on how our fruit baskets are assembled in preparation for delivery!

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