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Baskets Galore Dramas With The Winter Weather

I think that everyone can agree that the weather in UK is not the best, although our 2013 summer was actually pretty good think that has been the best we have had in several years.

 But back to talking about the dull weather, I wanted to write this blog to tell use the “dramas” that have occurred with in Baskets Galore this morning.

Well waking us this morning I heard that terrible rain and thought, “I’ve a school run to do in that weather” which I am sure most parents had the same thought, then it’s a nightmare trying to get my son out of the car and under the umbrella I think I got more soaked in the small amount of time I stood trying to get him out of the car, then I came into work and saw that my boss Lynne has also the same problem as she was taking her little girl to school she got soaked too, although the office had a giggle as Lynne said she would be starting up a new fashion trend as the bottom of her jeans were soaked.

Simon our IT specialist well his morning was not good either he had the joys of a flat tyre in the rain…. Oooh No !! He arrived to work soaked, cold and not a very happy chappy as he explained that the it took him about 30minutes just to align the spacer on his spare tyre. Lets think about this finding out you have a flat tyre has to be one of the top 10 dislikes and in the rain makes it worse.

Jonny from IT had a similar tale to tell of wet clothes and wet feet this morning by the time he made it to work after his 1 hour commute! All is well and good now, though, our all important IT team is intact to help us through our computing troubles on this wet and windy morning.

Kate well she has the willies on, her tiny car wouldn’t go threw the puddle around the corner from are office and she actually done a U-turn and back tracked on her journey to take the long route to the office.

Finally Neil well poor Neil had to stand in the rain and offload the 40ft Lorry filled with hampers that have arrived just in time for Christmas, not so good when you have a job that means your outside in that weather all day.

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