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No Girls Allowed

Today's blog was inspired by the “new guys,” what I mean by this is the BasketsGalore team now now another two male students and it got me thinking…

It's not easy being a man in Baskets Galore because they're the IT people and they have the job of making sure the websites are responding well to all the customers hitting the sites at the same time. Also sometimes it can all get a little too manly for the few of us who happen to have a XX chromosome.

I am looking forward to working with the new students as I think our company do a great job in helping students out in the difficult time of finding a placement year job.

It is important to get experience in working in the industry whether it's computer engineers or designing for the web, BasketsGalore do their role by taking on students every year to help them build their confidence and also to give them an idea of what life will be like beyond the University walls.

As a past student myself I came to BasketsGalore with little knowledge and confidence and now look at me - a blog pro :p

 OK so lets met the new guys:

This is Simon, he is the new IT / Web Developer …… Simon likes making PC modifications and Video Games.

This is Ryan, he has taken over my role and is now the new Web Designer…… Ryan likes to make videos and is looking forward to his holiday in September time.

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