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BasketsGalore - Andrea's Favourite Christmas Gift Basket

 Baskets Galore Employee Profile - Andrea

Name: Andrea

Job: Company Director - Irish Division

Which Christmas basket would you most like to receive?

Chocolate Celebration


Pretty self explanatory - I love chocolate! This basket is full of chocolates, drinking chocolate, chocolate cake and chocolate sauce.  Yum! It's not TOO big, so I'll still be able to work the contents off at the gym!

What is the best thing about working at Baskets Galore at Christmas time?

Seeing everyone working hard together to dispatch lots of Christmas gift baskets, to make our customers and recipients around the world happy!

Whats is the worst thing about working at Baskets Galore at Christmas time?

The long hours we work to ensure all those presents get sent in December, and missing out on Christmas parties!

If you could fill a hamper with just one product which product would it be?

Skelligs Mint Cream Truffles - they are delicious!

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