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Favourite Gift Baskets Creations Today

Hi all,

I'm taking a really keen interest in what type of gift baskets our customers are creating as it is of vital importance to us at Basketsgalore that our customers creations have a wow factor. We put a lot of effort into ensuring that our gift basket designs are matched and coordinated. It has to look beautiful and it has to represent outstanding value.

This is why our selection of items to place in your gift basket is carefully chosen and we are delighted with some of the ingenious gift ideas you are creating.

Our favourite 3 to-day are:

1) Gillian sent her mother in Dungannon a gift basket which included chunky chocolate, a Birthday Cake and a puzzle book. We were able to colour coordinate these 3 items with purple icing and the purple packaging to front the gift. At the rear we were able to add a novel, some nuts, a refreshing fruit flavoured sparkling drink and some chocolate. Completing the basket was a Birthday balloon. We were able to retain the purple theme and pink theme with a fuchsia coloured organza ribbon to create a gift we are confident her mother will comment upon when she sees Gillian this summer.

2) Phillipa from the UK was sending a gift to her sister in Carshalton and she designed a gift basket, which contained a Teddy Bear, a face mask, some body butter and some bath sachets along with a book of puzzles and a balloon. We placed all the items in a wicker linen lined basket and once again were able to colour coordinate the puzzle book to blend in with the brown teddy bear and white dominated pastel packaging of the beauty products.

3) And just to prove that it is not only women who create their own gift baskets, Tony from New York decided to create a gift basket, which contained a selection of salmon, cheese, marmalade, a wooden puzzle, a flowering plant basket, biscuits and several fruit packs including grapes aswell as a balloon. This was a really challenging selection to package, but our flexibility of containers allowed us to layer the gift with the fruit on top and the heavier, bulkier items beneath in a deep protective basket. When packing we simply treated the food basket and the flowering plant as 2 components and placed the balloon in the middle.

So after a short while of offering complete flexibility of design to our customers, we've got to conclude that it is working really well. We are able to ensure that the gifts you are designing look fantastic. It might sound funny, but this is so important to us. When we started Basketsgalore, we never set out to be a gift shop. We set out to create gifts, which we would be delighted to receive ourselves as only then could we be content with what our business represented.

There is no gift basket from our range that we would be disappointed to receive. This is why we don't offer the really small sized jars simply to make our baskets look like they contain more items. We are delighted to say that your ideas look fantastic aswell.

Carry on Gift Basketing

Basketsgalore UK

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