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UK Baskets as Gifts Ten Good Reasons

10 good reasons why we use Baskets in the UK?

1) We use baskets because our name is Basketsgalore .

2) Baskets are a highly versatile product, which is rarely going to be thrown out, so will have a use after the gift.

3) People like to receive a basket because it is natural and recyclable.

4) Baskets are extremely light to transport

5) Baskets are exceptionally hardy and durable

6) Baskets are easy to stack and do not perish.

7) When we wrap them, they look so much better than a cardboard box.

8) In our 2nd Christmas we did one hamper, which wasn’t in a basket. The price reflected this, but people were not happy because their products were not in a basket. Never again have we erred from our way of sending a gift in the mighty basket.

9) In spite of the basket being perfect for use as a gift basket, no other company specialises in offering gift baskets in a basket in the UK. Some offer your gift in wicker hampers, some offer your gift in funny little boxes, some offer food gifts in strange wooden crates, some pretend to put your gifts in baskets by putting up a photo of the basket, yet it doesn’t include the basket. Very strange indeed, but Basketsgalore is the only company that truly does baskets well in the UK.

10) You can add fruit to Baskets and make a fruit basket, you can add gift to make a gift basket, you can add Christmas to make a Christmas basket and you can add Baby to make a baby basket. When you combine them all you get a company, which can provide a product, which suits every gift giving occasion and a service which people really enjoy.

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