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Why not create your own gift basket?

A lot of people don't know about our create your own gift basket service. It's a brilliant, fast and extremely easy way to create a personalised gift hamper or gift basket for someone. All you have to do is fill in our very short create your own form and we get back to you within 24 hours with some suggestions. We can even email you a photo to let you see what the finished product looked like.

The create your own basket form asks for basic info such as the recipient's age, what the occasion is, and the type of items they like. Obviously the more info you can give us, the easier it is for us to design the perfect gift basket. It takes as little as 60 seconds.

We get all kinds of requests, and we have created some amazing baskets over the years. One baskets that stands out in my mind is the mini hot air balloon basket we designed for Susan in New Zeland. Susan wanted us to send it to her newly married sister and brother-in-law in Ireland because she was unable to come to Ireland to attend their wedding. Susan's sister was coming to New Zealand for her honeymoon, and Susan had bought them a hot air balloon ride as part of their wedding gift. So when the mini hot air balloon basket turned up at their house, complete with a teddy bear clutching the gift voucher for the ride (which Susan has posted over to us from New Zeland) you can imagine the reaction it got! Laughter and tears and all sorts - it was certainly a resounding success.

Of course there's no pressure for you to be that imaginative. If it's just a case of seeing a basket on our site that you would like to amend we can easily do that too. Although we try to create and sell gift baskets that we hope everyone will like, it's impossible to cater for everybody's taste. We get dozens of requests every week asking us to add in something extra, or take something out, or change it to white wine instead of red. These are easy peasy requests, and we can let you know in the blink of an eye if there is any change to the price of the basket. So if you see a basket that you like the look of, but something's not quite right, please just contact us - it's not a problem at all, we'd be glad to help.

Or if you want to start from scratch and create a completely personalised basket, we can help with that too. A few of the requests we had recently was a basket filled with pink champagne and bitter chocolate for a 60th birthday- a football & birthday cake themed gift basket for a junior member of the Australian football club on tour in Ireland, and a lolly tower gift basket for a 5 year old girl's birthday in London. Not a problem for any of these requests.

You can either fill in our create your own basket form, send us a quick email, or for an instant response livechat with us. We are always online - UK timezone 9am-6pm GMT open Monday to Friday. International customers would be better to email us or fill in our online form outside these times.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to create your own gift basket - we're ready and waiting.

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