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Mini Closure

Customer Announcement

It is only Saturday 11th July. Why is my next delivery date Thursday 16th July?

Basketsgalore is expanding its premises and unfortunately will be unable to process orders on Monday & Tuesday. We will be dispatching orders on Wednesday 15th July.

So if I order any time on Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, it will make no difference?

Correct, we have taken the decision to carry out all work over this weekend. A massive operation is underway with web-sites, servers, communication lines and building. We will be doubling our floor space once again.

I understand and am happy for my Gift Basket to be dispatched by Basketsgalore on Wednesday 15th July.

That's great,
To thank you for being so understanding we'd like to do the following for you;

1) Upgrade to the express service at no extra cost
2) Complimentary box of Lily O'Brien's Sticky Toffee Chocolates 125g
3) Complimentary Lindt Excellence Chocolate bar 100g

This applies to ALL GIFT BASKETS ordered over this period.

Additional Information

Basketsgalore has had many moves over the past 8 years and this one is set to be the largest and most ambitious to date.

On Monday the 13th and Tuesday 14th of July, which coincides with the 12th of July public holiday, we have taken the decision to expand our premises once again. The workmen have already arrived and the preliminary work is being carried out.

As you can imagine, the logistics of moving such a company are immense. There are so many company divisions. We're currently operating out of 2800 square foot premises and we are adding a further 2200 square feet, almost doubling our available space.

We greatly apologise to our customers for the inconvenience, but unfortunately it is a necessity. As we strive to produce greater efficiencies within our operations, it has become apparent that additional space is required to keep individual unit costs down. New procedures have been implemented, which will enable us to process more orders in a faster period of time.

The result will be lower prices and a better online shopping experience. We would like to thank you all for your understanding and co-operation as we grow.

Yours faithfully,


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