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Deliveries To Ireland & Why We Ask For A Phone Number

Basketsgalore offers delivery to the UK, many European countries and also to Ireland. We often find that Irish deliveries can be more difficult due to Ireland not having a postcode system. Dublin is an exception as it is so big, it is divided into numbered areas. Due to the majority of Irish address not having postcodes it really helps to have the full address information included when ordering. Some helpful customers also send through some direction or name local landmarks – we love this!

In the event of any delivery difficulties, people often ask us ‘how come they have been sending letter to the address for years and the postman can find it ok’? The difference is that our parcels are sent via a recorded courier service rather than in the post.

Courier drivers are usually locals too, but will not be in each area as often as a postman on a daily round. With this in mind (as well as no postcodes) it can be difficult for them to locate some addresses. An example of a tricky Irish address:

The White House
Co. Cork

This is also why couriers ask for a phone number to be included for the recipient. This way if they are having any difficulties they can phone to ask for directions. When customers order from America or Australia & include their own number for the delivery this is no use. The drivers are unable to dial internationally & also it is unlikely that someone in another country will be able to give directions! (unless of course they have lived there!)

Customers can also be worried about giving the recipients number in case the surprise of the gift is spoiled. The driver will only phone when he is trying to deliver the parcel, so maybe a couple of hours in advance. Also the driver has lots of parcels, and has no idea what is inside each one. He or she will simply say they are trying to deliver something; they cannot spoil the surprise, as they don’t know what is inside! Sometimes they won’t ring at all because they can find the address ok.

Another reason to include the number is in the instance that the recipient is not at home to sign for the parcel. In this case, the driver leaves a calling card advising a delivery attempt has been made. If the recipient doesn’t ring up about having the parcel re-delivered after a few days, the courier company may ring to remind them. Sometimes calling cards can go missing or cannot be posted (deliveries to flats or private properties), so the contact number is again really useful.

We hope this helps explains a few of the reasons behind certain things we do or ask for. We are simply trying to help get your parcel delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible. And remember if you can provide a landline & a mobile number for the recipient we’ll love you even more!!

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