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We strive to be the No.1 UK Gift Basket Company in the United Kingdom. We've taken on the challenge of making Gift Baskets the go-to option when you want to send someone your best wishes. We now have tens of thousands of converts. But we're not resting until sending a Gift Baskets is more popular than sending Flowers. In 2017 sending a Gift Basket is still seen as an alternative gift choice but what a choice it is - a big and brilliantly gift wrapped present full of imagination, impact and most importantly that smile factor!
We focus our efforts on theming our Gift Basket creations by filling them with a collection of lovely gifts and tasty foods, which are catered exactly to the tastes and desires of the recipient. Obviously this mean they are so much more personalised than a bouquet of flowers or a conventional gift hamper. We tend to think of ourselves as Gift Basket chefs. Our shop floor is just like a kitchen where weights and quantities are measured. We chose the raw ingredients, and then adjust the seasoning, and the result is a Gift Basket tailored exactly to the individual and unique tastes of the person who is to receive it.


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