Baby Gift Basket For Twins & Parents Too

My baby is now 14 months old, but it seems like only yesterday that he was a teeny little newborn. He was so keen to grow up and chase after his big brother that he didn’t seem to stay a baby for very long. I look at all the gorgeous baby gift baskets heading out of our warehouse to new parents across the UK and Ireland, and think that was…

October 26, 2017

Recovery Gift Basket, Customer Creations

October 20, 2017

This Get Well Gift Basket is so well packed that you probably wouldn’t even realise how much there is inside until you began to unpack all the items. It’s a wonderful Customer Creation from a couple in Oregon, USA for her Mam back home in Washington, Co. Durham. Her mum had recently been through an operation and so they wanted to send her some snacks and treats to help keep…


Birthday Gift Basket Of The Month: Top 5

September 18, 2017

1. Birthday Party A fun & frivolous Birthday Basket designed to get the party started and our bestselling Birthday Gift Basket this month. Highlights include the Organic Luscombe Lemonade, Minty Milk Chocolate by Montezuma, Pop Notch Popcorn and Chocolate Fudge Cake complete with Happy Birthday Candles. Click on the image below for the full details of this Birthday Gift Basket.                    …


Wedding Gift Basket Inspiration

We’ve been lucky enough to receive 2 gorgeous Wedding Invitations in the last few days and it made me think about Wedding Gift Ideas. Many people live together before tying the knot these days and so don’t always have a Wedding List & Money can maybe seem a bit impersonal, so what do we do? This is where BasketsGalore can help you out, as we have a special selection of…

September 15, 2017

Birthday Hamper: Chocolate Mango Special

A good Customer of ours recently got in touch about a Birthday Hamper for her Nephew in London. They are from the US, but he has been studying in the UK for the past 3 years and so she has sent him quite a few birthday hamper and gift baskets for other occasions over the years. She wanted to send an “economical” hamper and so had spotted our Chocolate Celebration…

September 14, 2017

Blooming Good Baby Gift Baskets

The ability to Create Your Own Baby Gift Basket was always popular amongst our customers, however I think Lynne has gotten so good at designing them now that many people are happy to select one we’ve already created when it’s a straightforward basket of baby goods. What is interesting however is the rise in orders of hampers & gift baskets for new parents, which don’t include as much, if anything, for…

July 21, 2017

Hospital Gift: More Than Just Grapes

July 20, 2017

When you think of a Get Well Gift I think most people tend to think of grapes, flowers or a bottle of energy drink but do you know they can be so much more exciting than this? You just need to take a look at our “Get Well”gift section to see all the options you can go with, many of which involve a combination of all of the above! And what…


July Offer 3INTO2: Free Delivery Three Days Only

July 10, 2017

We’re very excited to announce that for 3 days this week BasketsGalore will be offering FREE UK & IRELAND DELIVERY. From Midnight on Tuesday 11th July to Midnight on Thursday 13th July simply enter code 3INTO2 at the “My Basket” stage of checkout to have £7.99/€7.99 deducted from your order total, the equivalent of Express Delivery. Phonetically that code is 3, India, November, Tango, Oscar, 2. It’s not a zero…


Competition Round Up: BasketsGalore’s May & June 2017 Winners

It’s time for another Competition round-up and we’ve got quite a few to cover starting with our Daily Dispatch Winners for both April and May 2017, across Facebook & Twitter. These lovely ladies all won a Lions Victoria  and sent us some lovely pictures when their prizes arrived, so thank you for sharing and we hope you enjoyed them. We then ran a Competition at Father’s Day for an amazing…

July 6, 2017

Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 05.07.17

I arrived out into the warehouse just in time to nab my choice of Gift Hampers today before they had been gift wrapped. Our Gift Hampers are so full of delicious treats that they are often packed in 2 or 3 layers and so on this occasion I used Kate’s trick of picking the products off the shelves for the photo, rather than unpacking the glorious creation before us. The…

July 5, 2017

Hen Party Gift Baskets Back With Some Fizz

June 26, 2017

We have had a little flurry of requests for Hen Party Gift Baskets lately, and it got us thinking about what makes a good gift basket for a Hen Weekend. In the past we did offer these, as after our own weddings and attending friends Hen Do’s we had a bit of insight into what would work well. As our Gift Baskets Categories got upgraded over the years these Hen…


Gift Delivery Changes No Problem For BasketsGalore

May 12, 2017

Gift Delivery Process Now you may think that we have it a bit easier here in the office, as we get to sit at our desks while the warehouse are busily at work packing baskets. But, there are sometimes occasions when we too have to dash about. This is generally for a last minute, rush out order or if a customer needs to change the gift delivery address etc. It…